MyAccessGurus provides a full suite of Microsoft Access database services, including new application development, feature enhancements, cross-platform conversions, hosting and dedicated application support.

Over the years, MyAccessGurus has taken on many different projects with varying levels of difficulty, from the simplest of contact management databases to advanced business management solutions. In all, one thing has remained common - our dedication to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and the highest quality of product deliverables possible. Below you will find a detailed list of our Microsoft Access development and support services.

Bring your ideas and let us handle the programming.

We develop new applications from the ground up, whether it is just an idea or a complete specification; we can turn your concept into a fully functional MS Access application. You don't need to be a database expert to communicate your ideas to us.

Some of the options for new MS Access projects includes:

  • Traditional multi-user .mdb database 
  • Split file (front-end/back-end) architecture
  • Linked MS SQL back-end
  • .adp (Access data project, SQL back-end)
  • Compiled (VBA code secure) .mde
  • Secure .mdb
  • Redistributable (Runtime) applications

The type of application we develop depends on your requirements, budget and environment. Please call us to discuss which option is the best fit for your application.

Upgrade your old, tired Access application to a newer version.

We get many requests to upgrade a database from Access 97 or earlier and bring it into this century by giving it a "face-lift". We can upgrade an old application to Access 2003 or 2007 and add some new features and reports to bring it up to the performance and reliability levels of your modern infrastructure.

Convert any database to Access.

Bring us your dBase, your Paradox. Bring us your FoxPro and Alpha 5. Filemaker? No problem! Bring us any file-based or relational database application (including Excel) and we'll convert it to a multi-user Microsoft Access solution. There are significant differences between the various database devlopment environments, so we'll point out where Microsoft Access is a good fit and where it isn't. If Access isn't the right choice, we'll point you to the right platform for your project.

When you're ready to move from Access to another database platform.

Sometimes MS Access isn't the right choice. We can take any MS Access database and convert it to a more appropriate plaform for your needs. The most common conversion paths include upgrade to a Web-based application or a traditional Windows desktop application with SQL back-end.

We can add new features and enhance your existing application.

We can add new features to your existing Access database such as new reports or new logic to enable your new business requirements. You don't have to be an Access expert to communicate your feature request to us. Simply tell us what you want your existing application to do, and we'll figure out the current code and necessary modifications to bring your ideas to fruition.

If you need secure access to your data 24x7.

When your data needs to reside in a secure, highly accessible location, we can provide application hosting for you. Our data centers provide a safe and fully-secure hosting platform for your back-end data protected by Enterprise-class firewalls. Hosted on MS SQL servers, the data is backed-up according to your data retention requirements. The front-end can be your Access .adp or a Web-based front-end.

Many clients rely on us for long-term application support and maintenance.

If you don't have the means to support your application on your own, we can provide ongoing support. We have several tools that allow us to connect to your servers and desktops remotely to maintain your database and keep it running at top efficiency. We can also work out a retainer agreement to provide you with ongoing application enhancements according to your expanding needs.

When you have a hard-to-solve performance problem, we can help.

Since Access is easy to use, often non-professional developers create very complex applications that eventually sucomb to some basic architectural flaw and subsequently cause your application to fail, or slow down, or corrupt your data. This can occur when poorly formed queries are written, or database relationships are not crafted efficiently, or concurrecy issues are encountered when (for example) sub-forms are employed in a multi-user environment. Sometimes complex to sort out, these problems are our specialty. We have helped many organizations sort out very difficult to solve problems.